26,5 x 30,5 cm
Edition: 1
40 pages

Don Osito. The Dalí and Lorca's Teddy Bear

Don Osito Marquina is a beautiful teddy bear that contains history, poetry, tenderness and magic. He was born in a German factory and there it stayed until it was taken to a shop in Paris. One day the parents of Anna Maria and Salvador Dali bought it and it became the siblings’ inseparable playmate. Years later Salvador Dalí invited a new friend of his, Federico García Lorca, to spend a couple of days in the Empordà. Was back then when Anna Maria and Lorca became great friends and they started exchanging letters in which he never forgot asking about the teddy bear and its family, and he named it Don Osito Marquina.

A charming picture book narrated in an epistolary form by Don Osito Marquina, a witness of the life of the Dalí siblings. We can visit the bear plush in the Toy Museum of Catalunya in Figueres.