15,5 x 21,5 cm
Edition: 1
48 pages

Hidden Numbers

Imapla Illustrations of Imapla

Find the numbers from 0 to 20

This book is a visual game to discover the numbers hidden as animals. 0 is a fly with an opened mouth, 1 is a horse called Bruno, 2 is a duck that hops around

Discover all of them! Written in capital letters to make it easy for young readers to understand, this is a book for learning numbers through creativity and imagination.

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She studied Graphic Design at Elisava School in Barcelona. She learned to work with the image and to understand the graphic independently of the drawing. She began collaborating for different magazines and advertising media, which led her to combine different disciplines. She received the Apel.les Mestres Award in 1992 and that made her devote her life to illustration and later to start as an author. In 2007, she won the International Illustration Award of SM Foundation.

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