29 x 29 cm
Edition: 3
48 pages

My First Book of Relativity

When we walk down the street we get the impression time is the same for everyone: for us, for the neighbour whose path we cross, for the inhabitants of Moscow or the rocks in Mars. However, more than a hundred years ago Albert Einstein realized that time does not unfold similarly everywhere and that is different depending on the speed at which we move. If we could travel almost at the speed of light, we would see that incredible things happen with space and time.

Start discovering the fascinating world of Relativity with the help of Dr. Albert, by the same authors as My first book of Quantum Physics. This is a perfect “first book” to explain seemingly complex issues such as dilation of time, contraction of lengths or increase in mass in a clear and simple way.

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Sheddad  Kaid-Salah Ferrón

Sheddad has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Pharmacy and a Master in Pedagogy (UAB University), he also studied Quantum Mechanics in the Stanford University. He is working as teacher of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in a high school for many years and he is a member of the Astronomical Grouping of Terrassa.


Eduard Altarriba

He had been working for two decades in graphic design and illustration fields and since few years ago he works in Alababalà, his tiny independent studio. They are focused on publishing services and the creation of their own proposals aimed at children. He likes making books, games, exhibitions, animations, apps and workbooks that are practical, instructive, meaningfull and, of course, fun.

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