19 x 25 cm
172 pages

Smart As A Whip

Pablo Manzano Illustrations of Francisco Solé

Tricksters and funny stories around the world

Oral and written tales about swindlersare probably inspired in real characters who lived their lives trying to earn a living. The resignation to their poverty was never an option. But if there is a thing that characterizes the tales presented in this book is humor. The swindlers are the irresistible comic characters who will make the readers laugh in all ridiculous situations. You can find adaptations of popular characters such as Lazarillo de Tormes or Robin Hood but also a wide variety of stories from different cultures.

Francisco Solé

llustrator and architect. He has worked as illustrator for spanish publishers (Anaya, Alfaguara, Santillana …) and press (El País, El Mundo …), advertising agencies and film and theatral produccions by the hand of Roman Polanski or Álvaro del Amo.

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