22 x 22 cm
Edition: 1
192 pages

Mum, I Want To Be A Pastry Chef!

Mum, I want to be a pastry chef! it’s a book for children who love to cook and end up with chocolate everywhere discovering new flavours. Parents will also have a good time cooking with the younger ones sharing stoves and aprons.

A book full of recipes with specific vocabulary, ingredients, tricks and tips…, all explained in both professional and easy way for children to learn and enjoy cooking…, as real pastry chefs!

Sergi Vela

Sergi Vela’s mastery of pastry can be well expressed as accurate, scientific, and above all, excellent. He has developed his professional skills in the best bakeries of Barcelona, where he decided to focus on the art of confectionary and work as a chocolatier. Vela is also familiar with the restaurant industry due to his time with the emblematic Martín Berasategui restaurant or his appointment as head pastry chef at Drolma de Fermí Puig in Hotel Majestic. At the moment Sergi Vela is teaching at «Escuela de Hotelería y Turismo de Barcelona». He also provides training and gives demonstrations on high-end patisserie products both in Spain and overseas.


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