26,5 x 26,5 cm
Edition: 1
40 pages

The Young Teacher And The Great Serpent

The young teacher was assigned to a school in the middle of the Amazon jungle, and there she went with a lot of her favorite books.

Her pupils liked hearing the stories very much while she read them aloud. Then children took the books home, and their mothers and grandmas, although they didn’t know how to read, looked at those books curiously.

The inhabitants of the jungle villages used to tell many legends, but at that time the young teacher believed they were just that: legends.

Habituated to the city and books, the young teacher will have a cultural shock when she encounters a different reality. But soon she will realize that she is not the only one who has things to teach.

This book is a tribute to the Latin American teachers, who leave everything to pursue the dream of education, but also a tribute to the legends of the most remote villages, which their inhabitants have transmitted through generations preserving their cultural wealth and popular wisdom.

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