25 x 19 cm
Edition: 2
40 pages

The calligrapher’s journey


A poetic text about journeys, displacements, migrations… A tale with an Asian touch about how the maps of the world have been drawn. A story that conveys the values we can acquire trough a journey:  self-transformation, the ability to embrace others, the desire of adventure and discovery. No just the journeys across the world, also the ones where words and imagination take us.


Arianna Squilloni

was born in Milan, where she studied classical languages. Now she lives in Barcelona, where she has learned other languages such as Spanish, Catalan and Chinese. She says that thinking in different languages offers you a new way to look at the world. Probably the idea of the calligrapher is born of her passion for languages, writing and travel. Although, she publishes picture books, teaches editing and writing courses and writes articles for children’s and youth literature magazines.

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