19 x 25 cm
Edition: 1
144 pages

Tales Of Kings, Princes And Other Powerful Men

Pablo Manzano Illustrations of Albert Asensio

Because sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words…

In folktales and in Universal Literature the sovereign people have always been in a respectable place: the good-natured, wise men or rather cruel…

This book collects stories from the oral tradition and the best classical authors of all times, as Hamlet, The Wicked Prince, The Legend Of Midas, The Happy Prince, Hans Dumb… Folktales which show all the faces of power.

Pablo Manzano

(San Luis, Argentina, 1972) has a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires. In Argentina he collaborated in cultural and educational journals, and formed two bands as a composer and singer. He currently lives in Barcelona, where he has directed two short films and writes fiction novels and storybooks.

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